Loretta Montgomery

To me abstract art is similar to life. Abstract work presents the viewer with choices of flow, color, shadow and shapes. It creates possibilities that are both clear and unclear, all of which creates some emotions and thought processes in us.


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Cosmic Noise
Remembering Boston
Costa Rican Rain
Orange Ade.JPG
Fog and Flowers

In 2002 after not painting since college I started painting again after my husband started encouraging me to do so.


While painting abstraction I feel as if I’m in a so called “zone”, at once meditative while also bursting with action and aggression. Throwing colors then wiping off, scraping, and sanding the surface. Layering with brayers, self-made spatulas and various tools never made nor intended for such an enterprise. My goal is not to be a storyteller; rather a muse to help the viewer create their own.


To me abstract art is similar to life.  Abstract work presents the viewer with choices, flow, color, shadow, and shapes and possibilities that are both clear and unclear, all of which creates some emotion and thought process in us.  Life does the same; we see flow and color and possibilities in life, and we experience the emotions that result from experiencing life.  My work is important to me in that it allows me to both enjoy the experience of the changing shapes that I find myself creating and the flowing sense of a variety of emotions that go with the work.  Abstract art can bring joy, sadness, confusion, surprise, hope, and more, and the inner sense we experience one day from viewing a piece may be different on another day.  So it is with my work, it changes, reflecting changes in me.


That's life.



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