Rose Marie Strippoli

I feel that my art has been a metamorphosis, a reflection of my life’s experience, alternately reflecting vividness, excitement, starkness, or somberness. 


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Topsy Tuvvey Towns
Window Box
Rainy Day
Northern Lights
Masters of the Heart
A Journey

My artistic experiences have come full circle in a way:  the archetypical Mandala, ever present, insistent in its pattern.


True to Jungian thinking, I pull inspiration and ideas from the never ending universal wellspring – different information makes itself available to each of us, when we need it!  I have spent the better part of my life figuring out how to achieve ready access to it.  I am still learning.  We are all still learning (or should be).  Openness to new ideas and bits of information is so vital.  What will we do with these bits and pieces?  How will they affect our work?


As for choices, I love variety.  I immerse myself in a variety of media – I love it all.  For me each medium is simply a vehicle for my artistic intent, proclaiming the message of the moment.  The question is:  Which one am I inspired to communicate through today?